Unity In the Face of Crisis

14 November 2020

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Welcome from the Head of School

Dear UNIS Hanoi MUN Participants,


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the annual UNIS Hanoi Model United Nations November Conference. As one of only two United Nations schools in the world, we strive on a daily basis to model the ideals and principles of the United Nations highlighted in our mission statement: promoting peaceful solutions and cooperation in solving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems, developing friendly and respectful relationships with others, and ensuring fundamental freedom and equality for all. At UNIS Hanoi, we are committed to inspiring and equipping young people to build a better world.


We are privileged to host this conference which provides an authentic experience for each participant to think critically, collaborate and authentically engage in the work of the United Nations. Each of you will have the opportunity to grapple with our reality today as the world faces the current crisis of the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19. The implications in both the short and long term on world health, international governance, sustainable recovery and growth, and global peace are significant and the theme of “Unity in the Face of Crisis” is paramount to our future.


This year, to help our community remain resilient in the face of uncertainty around the world, our faculty and staff adopted a theme of “Stronger Together”. We know that through respectful relationships and collaboration we can be more impactful, empathetic and peaceful. This conference brings together a culturally diverse group of individuals and we hope that in this atmosphere you will be especially inspired to research, debate, argue, support, critique and compromise as you seek solutions to the complex issues the world is facing today. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, an organization committed to world peace, equity and sustainability. In this special year, this conference is an opportunity for our students, you, to demonstrate that we are stronger together and that through diversity in unity, we will make an impact.  


I wish you the very best for a successful conference-- a weekend filled with learning, making new friends, and lots of fun! Please be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to support your visit to UNIS Hanoi and our host city, Hanoi. 




Jane McGee

Head of School

Welcome from the Secretary General

Esteemed Delegates, Chairs, Directors and Admin Staff of UNIS MUN November Conference,


My name is Sarah Anthony and I am the Secretary General of this year’s UNIS MUN November Conference. I gladly welcome all students, faculty and staff participating this year, and look forward to hosting a conference where students can gain experience and deliberate initiatives relevant to the modern-day issues we face in our society. It is with this conference that students will be able to create and possibly implement their own solutions to real-life problems and come together to address topics discussed in real United Nations proceedings. 


The November Conference team has been working diligently to make this year’s November Conference the best one yet. We are happy to introduce new councils, countries and procedures to be able to give all participants a more vibrant experience in preparation for the March Conference later on in the year. With the unfortunate situation, there are safety precautions that will be taken throughout the forum in order to ensure full safety for all members. 


The November Conference is an opportunity for learning, communication and experience; whether as a chair, delegate, admin, or any other member of the proceedings. On behalf of the November Conference Team, I wish all participants luck and enjoyment as we move into our final preparations. 


Hope to see you there!


Sarah Anthony

November Conference Secretary General

Welcome from the President of the General Assembly

Esteemed Delegates, Chairs, Directors and Admin of the UNISMUN November Conference,


My name is Sohan D’Silva and I am the President of the General Assembly for this year’s annual UNISMUN November Conference. This year’s conference is going to be slightly different given the current issue of COVID-19, however, I wish a warm welcome to all students and staff participating. The theme of this year’s November Conference is “Unity in the face of Crisis”. This provides delegates with the opportunity to come together and debate on issues that are relevant and affect our world today. 


Both the Secretary-General and I, together with the November Conference team have worked extremely hard to ensure that this year’s modified conference is the best that it can be. For both new and experienced delegates, this conference will be a great learning experience, with all of the new councils and issues that have been created, it will prepare delegates well for the March conference later this year. 


Finally, on behalf of the November Conference team, Secretary-General Sarah Anthony, and myself, we hope you will enjoy this unique and exciting conference. I wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you all there!


Sohan D’Silva

President of the General Assembly for the November Conference

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