Meet the Delegation Ambassadors 

Navya Kala

Ambassador of Brazil (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement

Linh Trang Do

Ambassador of Republic of South Africa (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement

Jun Seomun

Ambassador of Vietnam (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement

Frances Phan

Ambassador of Russian Federation

(UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement

Madeleine van der Velden

Ambassador of People’s Republic of China (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement 

Felix Shum

Ambassador of The United Kingdom (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement

Junho Paik

Ambassador of Indonesia (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement

Christina Park

Ambassador of The Kingdom of Belgium  (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement 

Claire Troger

Ambassador of Estonia (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement

Miki Takechi

Ambassador of The United States of America (UNIS Hanoi)

Delegation statement

The following country ambassadors were unable to meet the deadline for their Delegation Statement

FRANCE, Sujash Barman

UKRAINE, Yeo Jin Ryu

ISRAEL, Synthia (Seoyoon) Song

TUNISIA, Mai Ha (Maly) Bullard

SOUTH KOREA, Rahul Vu Gowda

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